Have you ever been shocked when you heard some facts about your favorite actors ?
well! if the answer is no. prepare to be blown away. because here you will witness 8 facts that will keep you surprised the whole day.

8 -Shahrukh Khan

He does not need any introductions. the famous indian actor maintaind his youth by healthy food and alot of exercising and hard work.
He was born in 2 nov 1965 wich made him 52 years old now.

7 -Keanu Reeves

The Canadien Keanu Charles Reeves known for his many famous roles in famous movies such as THE MATRIX, JHON WICK and many many more. all these years of work didn't affect his young look. 
this man is 53 years old.

6 -Brad Pitt

The famous american actor William Bradly Pitt known as Brad Pitt is pure talent. he was born for acting. he defied age to look young and strong althought he is 54 years old now.

5 -Johnny Depp

The man behind JACK SPARROW in THE PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN John Christopher Depp is also 54 years old same as Brad pitt.  

4 -Robert Downey Jr

The Avenger IRON MAN or Tony Stark. does not need a name introduction. who does not know this guy ?
known for his amazing roles in every movie he took part in. but what most people don't know that he is 53 years old.

3 -Jason Statham

The British Transporter and the bad guy in FURIOUS 7 is the youngest among these guys. he is 50 years old. 

2 -Tom Cruise

The man of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. how can he never age? well ask him if you seek an answer, many years of contribution and dedication to ART. 
how can a man aged 55 years old performe his own stunts? 

1 -Vin Diesel

Did you know he had hair before ?
Dom, the man in fast furious series. kept looking good and strong in all of his movies even though he is 50 years old. amazing right !?

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